Eyelash Extensions: The Next Big Thing

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Eyelash Extensions - The Latest Beauty Trend

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Lashes & Waxing

Eyelash Extensions                Pestanas

Instantly add  length and volume to your natural eyelashes with
eyelash extensions.  During your eyelash extension treatment,
our skilled technician  will  adhere synthetic extensions to your
individual   lashes.   The  slightly  curved  eyelash   extensions
create a natural and full look  and  are  perfect  for  those  who
 are tired of using mascara and eyelash curlers.                      
Individual Eyelash(up to 2-3 weeks wear)            $25

    Have   your  eyelashes  extended,  individual    knotted,   no 
mascara  needed, for a fuller, natural and sexy look                
Semi-Permanent Lash(up to 12 weeks wear)            
    Experience   the glamour   and  comfort  of  semi-permanent
   eyelash extensions.  These extensions  vary  in  lengths  and
 closely   mimic   the   natural    shape   and   curve   of     true 
eyelashes.    Extensions   last   up   to   12   weeks,  3 weeks 
  touch-ups  are  recommended to maintain your look.             

Natural  Look (30-45 lashes per eye)                  $135
Lavish Look (55-70 lashes  per eye)                   $195
Glamour Girl Look (85-100 lashes per eye)         $265
Corner Eye Look (5-8 lashes per eye)                   $35
Half Lash Look                                                     $70
Touch-Up (3- 4 weeks)                                  $50 & up
Lash Removal                                              $25 & up

LASH PACKAGES:Save money and buy a package 

Natural Look ~ 3 sessions package                     $250

**That's 2 full set and 1 Touch-Up (save $70 & up)
Natural Look ~ 5 sessions package                     $350
**That's 3 full set and 2 Touch-Up (save $155 & up)
Lavish Look ~ 3 sessions package                      $350
**That's 2 full set and 1 Touch-Up (save $90 & up)

**All Lash Package Touch-Ups are good for 5 lashes applied
per eye only, extra charge for more lashes.

Waxing - Threading                          Cera

Eyebrow              $10                 Chin                     $7
Lip                      $10                 Side of Face       $15
Hairline               $15                 Full Face            $35
Half Arms             $20                 Underarms         $20
Full Arms             $35                 Hands                 $10
Bikini                   $30                 Lower Legs        $35
Brazilian     $50 & up                 Full Legs            $60
Fingers               $10                  Toes                   $10
Stomach             $10                  Misc Spot           $10
Partial Back        $35                 Full Back            $45
Chest                  $35                  Abdomen           $15

*All waxing services start at listed prices.      

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are applied by using an individual; synthetic or
mink  lash  that  is  carefully  placed  on   the  natural lashes to give
 length and thickness.  
People love lash extensions for their beauty
 and ease!  You  never  have  to  put  mascara  on  and  your  lashes
 always look full, dark and beautiful around  the  clock!
  Lashes  are
 perfectly safe for the eye and do not harm your natural lashes. 
lash  application process will  never  hurt  when  they  are  applied.
 Most  people  are  even  comfortable  enough  to  fall  asleep while
getting their  lashes  done.  
  Lash  extension does not disrupt the
 natural lash cycle and the  natural  lashes  can  grow  freely.    The
extensions fall out  with  the  natural  growth  cycle  of  you   lashes
causing no harm.
  Lashes  need  to  be  re-filled  no  longer  than
 every  4 weeks.   The  reason  for  this  is  because  of   the  growth
 cycle of the lashes.

Taking care of your new lashes            

To get the most out of your lashes, you need to follow some  
 simple instructions.  The first 24-48 hours are crucial to the  
 bonging procedure, so:                                                        

• No water should contact eyelashes for at least 2 hours.       
• No steaming swimming or washing your face for 48 hours.  
• Do not use emollients, creams, or oils.                               
• Do not use mascara or mascara remover.                           
• Do not use an eye lash curler. It will break or crease them.  
• Do not rub lashes or eyes while washing your face.              
• Do not pull on eyelashes. It'll pull your own lashes out.         

• No eyelash perming or tinting.                                           
• Do not sleep face down.                                                    
The less you touch your lashes the longer they will last!!
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